Hot Box Package: $13.95 per meal

Catering in New Jersey

*Microwavable Container includes Fresh Entrée, Vegetable, Starch, Fork, Knife, Napkin, Sanitizer Wipe*

#31: Chicken Parmesan, Pasta, Vegetables
#32: Eggplant Parmesan (Veggie), Pasta, Vegetables
#33: Sausage & Peppers, Pasta, Vegetables

#41: BBQ Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, Vegetables
#42: Fried Chicken Macaroni & Cheese, Vegetables
#43: Chicken Fingers, Macaroni & Cheese, Vegetables

#51 Chicken Quesadilla Wrap, Spanish Rice, Chips & Salsa
#52: Beef Tacos, Spanish Rice, Chips & Salsa
#53: Chicken Taco, Spanish Rice, Chips & Salsa

#61 Vegetarian Linguini, Potatoes, Bread
#62 Vegetarian: Baked Ziti, Veggies, Bread
#63 Gluten Free: Lemon Chicken, Whole Wheat Pasta, Veggies
#64 Vegan: Meatballs, Wheat Pasta, Whole Grain Bread

Beverages upon request: Water or Can Soda or Tea ($1.25 each)

Healthy: Side Salad ($2.50), ½ lb Fruit Salad ($2.75)
Desserts: Cookie ($2.25), Brownie ($2.50), Gluten Free Sweet Treat ($2.50)

Custom Box lunches available upon request

**NJ Sales Tax of 6.625 will be added
**Prices subject to change